We are SO blessed to have you praying us through this day. God is faithful (even when things don’t turn out the way we like) and keeps us resting in Him. Calvin is not out of the woods yet but he is doing better than expected so far! Breathing on his own and seems to be coming around. We are most concerned about his apnea he sometimes gets, he will completely stop breathing if in too much pain or confusion. So far he’s breathing consistently as long as the morphine controls the pain. This is one of the first times Calvin is doing BETTER than we expected.

Here’s how you can pray specifically (if you so desire) for the next 24 hours:

-Please pray Calvin would continue to breathe well on his own with no “blue” episodes.

-Give thanks! We are so surprised and relieved he is coming out of anesthesia so well. We were booked to go to ICU but they feel he’s doing well enough for a regular room.

-Pray this continues, Calvin can turn on a dime.

-This surgery can become undone by severe retching. Calvin has a “neurological glitch” that makes him retch compulsively. His medications and feedings are going to be a very fragile balance the next few days.

-If successful Calvin will have much less aspirations which means healthy lungs for a lot longer plus no his constant burning and acid reflux will disappear and make him more comfortable and able to breathe better. We pray for long-term success.

Thank you, Friends. You will truly never know how much your prayers have upheld us and how encouraged we are by your care.

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