The best time of day is when the sun is sinking behind the broken-down fence in the backyard. The sky is framed into sharp pieces by bare branches; it slowly darkens with the sundown. Night is coming and we sit snuggled warm inside. Feasting on toasted veggies and piles of fluffy rice. Darryl opens the Bible and we begin again, this daily story-telling. Truth telling.

The goals in our lives are not accomplished by heroic feats. They are built slowly by faithful plodding. One brick at a time, or perhaps it’s one story at a time. These little moments pile up and before you know it, they’ve shaped lives. Changed hearts. Impacted eternity.

God’s grace isn’t just for the ministry of well-known preachers or famous writers and thinkers. It’s there to bless the everyday plodding of ordinary folk like us. Be faithful in the small things, open the Word and start telling the story today. Pray constantly for the Spirit to seed the daily “planting” you do in a thousand ordinary ways. See God’s grace soften and produce life in little hearts.


The coffee table had a stack of Noah’s doodles and drawings this morning. Can you guess what story this is?

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