Let Me Count the Ways

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I’ve heard the body of Christ compared to an orchestra. Each person has a unique role, a different sound and function, plays for a different amount of times, swelling into one glorious song of praise to God as they use their gifts.

I’m thinking that I might be in the bass section. My writing “voice” always gravitates to the reality of pain and how to reconcile that with the hope we have in Jesus. How do suffering and joy intersect? How does the truth of the gospel change the way I respond to hard things? Acknowledging the reality of pain in a broken world makes words spill on the page. That and the solid rock hope we have in Jesus.

And since I don’t mince words when it comes to hard times, maybe I come off as the Edgar Allan Poe of the blogosphere. Need your daily dose of misery? A good cry? Head over to Kara’s blog.

In reality, our lives are rich with the goodness of God. And much of that goodness has come by the hands and feet of those around us in our family and church. In all the chaos of the last four years so many people have given of themselves. I want to write short stories about these everyday people who have been the hands and feet of God’s goodness to our family.

Maybe it will give you an idea of how to help someone you know.

Maybe you will find that although a thank you note never came in the mail (Really, this still haunts me. I wish I’d kept record! Forgive me?) you were a healing mercy and blessing!

God has woven so much blessing in with the sorrow. You see that in your life too, right? So I’m going to trade in this “writing voice” of a tuba for a piccolo and take time to ┬áthe write about the joy that flows our way.

Maybe a piccolo is pushing it. Let’s go for the clarinet.



  1. I adore Edgar! My favorite mug (and I love mugs) features his photo with “Prose Before Hos” written below it.

  2. In defense of Poe: He was pretty amazing. Not everyone can bring out that much emotion in their writing. It’s a talent.

    In defense of the clarinet: Okay, maybe that is a stab in the dark.

    In defense of you: The bass section gives an orchestra its fullness. Without it the orchestra would sound shallow and cheap.

    • I thought about you when I used his name…so glad I can count on you to defend him :). On another note, thanks for coming last night!

  3. go for it, girl! Having a new baby has its ups and downs, too, but boy, some days I wish I’d spent more time enjoying them (although I DID enjoy them) but at 67 with Chronic pain/fibro/arthritis, its so good to
    know “the best is yet to be”!!!!!
    Love to you!

    • Yes, who’s life doesn’t, right? The best is yet to come and simultaneously there’s so much good right here, right now. Such a mixed bag! Thinking of you.


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