Conversations with Evie

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I can tell we are out of survival mode lately. How? Well, the living room is tidy, Darryl’s doing yard work and I can actually focus on things my children are saying. I daily wonder at their lives, stories, and sayings. It is such a blessing to be a mother and I’m so grateful for these little ones. 

Evie benefiting from Calvin's therapy play ;0

Me: I love you Evie.


Evie: I like you too, mom. Sigh.

Me: A little bit or a lot?

Evie: Well, a little bit. Because you know, of the spankings and stuff (voice trails off here)


Evie: Mom, I don’t want to have another baby.

Me: OK. Do you mean when you’re a mommy?

Evie: No, I mean us, the Dederts.

Me: Really? But you love Calvin. I thought you loved babies.

Evie: Well, I really don’t like him much, not very much.

Me: Why not?

Evie: Because of the whining and crying, you know (voice trails off again)


Bedtime chats

Evie: I just want to talk, like we’re older.

Me: Ok, what do you want to talk about?

Evie: Why do I always have to be the youngest.  I want to be older, older, older like Sophie.

Me: Why?

Evie: Because every body is the boss of me and I’m the boss of nobody.


Evie: What will you be when I’m a grandma?

Me: Dead. At least my body will be.

Evie: What? Why will you die?

Me: We only live a short while, our bodies cannot live forever. Our souls do.

Evie: (clearly uncomfortable with this topic) Aaah, mom, I don’t want to talk about bodies, bodies, bodies.

Me: Okay then.



  1. Thats deep man

  2. Man, I love the reality in these conversations. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend; I commend the strength of God in you as you’re walking faithfully through these days with your precious gifts. SO wonderful to hear that you have the clarity of mind to tune in to the little things- a sure sign of goodness and healing. Praying JOY for you.

  3. Love this post. Thanks for the snippets of everyday life. Calvin looks like he’s having soooooo much messy fun, and if Evie can join in then it’s even better. Have a great day, week, month!

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